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Sword Art Online II Opening

A photoset of Shinon~

Cosplayer: CRIMSON

Singaporean, Male

Swordland by Animenz


Avatar Aang……

Guys have you seen Aangs appearance in the latest episode of SAO 2???

Same here, I never expected him to be bigger and all…..

Cosplayer : HΛL

Japanese, Female

The Ships have been sailing, but not all….

So of course I watched the new episodes of Sword Art Online II…..

I noticed all the ships that have been popping up, KiritoxAsuna KiritoxShinon and the others…..


there is one ship I particularly have been waiting for to appear but hasn’t shown yet in season 2……..

the ship is….









Cosplayer: Tomia

South Korean, Female [and to all the guys, shes married :>]

OTL I AM SUCH A BAD ADMIN for abandoning my post here at tumblr for the past few/many months T^T hope you followers forgive me for it D:


I kinda abandon it around I think march or earlier, due to final exams. Later on I thought I would be back for my summer break but in reality I had a summer job to gain money for my cosplays….. I recently have been joining cosplay contests <~~another reason why I failed to get on here

So the pictures I have posted are a glimpse of what I have been doing when I was away from tumblr ^^”



Since as you all probably know, Sword Art Online II has started, I will be updating this blog again :’D


My Internet connection sucks and Exams are next week[lol who cares imma update you guys from now on to try and compensate my lost time ||D]


Thanks to my 800+ followers who have been loyal and did not click unfollow T^T [i was expecting a big/major decrease in followers lol]

I owe all my followers an apology…

I haven’t been active for awhile now because I had exams, school stuff, family matters and was busy preparing for my Cleaning Levi Heichou Cosplay.

Sadly thou I could not find a nicer solo photo of my cosplay so I’m using the one with my bag on //i had not applied make-up yet because i just arrived that time e.e…. I will have better photos, I assure you all ^^

again I am sorry for being inactive |D

That dance. That costume. Sooo Beautiful :)

Cosplayer: Knitemaya

~follow Knitemaya at instagram~

Cosplayer: Karin

Chinese, Female

Cosplayer: Onnies

Thailand, Female